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If we understand the nature of the Divine attributes within us, it will not be difficult to unite our will with the Supreme Energy, the Will of God, thus becoming attuned with the universal Will. Here we learn to do good not on account of any personal consideration, but for the mere sake of doing good. It is sometimes said a man’s belief does not signify so long as he acts rightly, but one cannot be certain to act rightly unless he knows what is right. Who has not seen even in this age horrible acts of injustice committed in the name of justice; errors proclaimed as truths, forms and theories mistaken for principles? The belief of the majority is not always the correct belief, and the voice of truth and reason is often drowned in the clamor of a superstitious creed, based upon an erroneous theological doctrine. An erroneous belief is detrimental to progress and liberty in proportion as it is universal; such beliefs rests on error and illusion. True knowledge is based on Truth.

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